Present collaborating activities

  • Make available a tool named OBCOST that enables member states to calculate the health care costs attributable to obesity for their own country, requiring a minimal amount of input data (contact: Wanda Bemelmans)
  • Assist WHO in further developing and scaling up of the European COSI project (Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative) and to support the data analyses and the writing of scientific publications on COSI (contact: Joop van Raaij)
  • Work with WHO on the health impact of salt reduction strategies in Europe and to provide methodological support in health impact projections (contact: Joop van Raaij)
  • Provide advice and technical support on development, implementation and evaluation of national food consumption and nutritional status surveys to South-European Member States (contact: Marga Ock√©)
  • Provide background document on the use of social media for the promotion of health among adolescents (contact: Wanda Bemelmans)
  • Conduct an update on the physical inactivity levels in the WHO European Region as of 2014 with a special focus on children and aged population and with stratification by socio-demographic variables (contact: Wanda Wendel-Vos)

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