Present collaborating activities

RIVM works on the collection, consistency and quality control of global food consumption data as well as on the development of methodology for the estimation of exposure to contaminants via food.

Collection of world-wide individual food consumption data

RIVM has assisted WHO in developing a format for submitting data to the food consumption database in the GEMS/Food programme. New data are analysed in collaboration with WHO  (quality check) before putting them to use in international intake assessments.  The GEMS/Food acute and chronic intake spreadsheets (IESTI; IEDI) are and will be updated with the newly available data including  the European Large Portion data as included in PRIMo, the relevant EFSA model. RIVM will invest in stimulating more involvement from (EU) countries in GEMS/Food activities by using its existing networks and in close collaboration with EFSA.

Improvement and international harmonisation of deterministic risk assessment

RIVM will contribute to improving and harmonizing risk assessment methods used by WHO for food safety risk assessment. RIVM will explore the possibilities for implementation of novel methodology, including probabilistic modelling and cumulative risk assessment for JECFA and JMPR.


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