WHO Collaborating Centres

RIVM cooperates with the World Health Organization (WHO) in various ways. For instance, members of Staff are seconded to WHO Europe to work on prevention of tuberculosis and antimicrobial resistance. We also made an agreement with WHO Europe for cooperation on health information and antimicrobial resistance in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. RIVM also functions as a polio reference laboratory. In addition, we host WHO Collaborating Centres supporting various WHO programmes.

'In everything we do, WHO relies on the expertise of hundreds of formal WHO Collaborating Centres, in your countries, and thousands of the best brains in science, medicine, and public health, in your countries. They give us their time freely and it is my strong impression that they do so with pride', Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General, address to the Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly, 16 May 2011

The WHO Director-General appoints various establishments as WHO collaborating centres. The work of the collaborating centres is to support the programmes being run by WHO.

WHO Collaborating Centres hosted by RIVM 


Infographic WHO Collaborating Centres hosted by RIVM

European Health Information Initiative

The WHO Regional Office for Europe and RIVM have joined forces to improve European health information and to develop a stronger and more sustainable health system. The Initiative will be expanded into a multi-partner body. More information on the webpages of EHII.


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