Since 2016, Carline mainly works as a policy advisor for the Center for Infectious Disease Control's antibiotic resistance program team. She coordinates part of RIVM's national and international activities and projects in the field of antimicrobial resistance, in which collaboration between internal experts, clients and national and international stakeholders plays a central role.


After obtaining an MSc in Biology at Utrecht University, Carline spent half a year in Portugal, working in the field of theoretical immunology. She then did a PhD at the University of Utrecht, on the prevention of influenza in health care institutions, combining epidemiological data collection with infectious disease modelling. During her PhD she also obtained her master's degree in clinical epidemiology. Since then, she has regularly exchanged her life as a postdoc working on influenza modeling, with her passion for travelling around the world. At the Centre for Infectious disease control, she started as a researcher on the spread of resistant microorganisms within and between healthcare institutions.