Prof. Ton Breure (1953) is a Senior Scientific Advisor on the Sustainable Organisation of the Living Environment at RIVM. In addition, he has been Professor of Ecological Risk Assessment at the Radboud University in Nijmegen since 2007.

The environment is the place we live in. Together with other living organisms – plants, animals and microorganisms – we determine its quality. The aspects and development of the living environment contribute to public health and the well-being and survival of the human species. Sustainable use of the environment is necessary for supporting the ever-growing world population.

Ton Breure was trained as a laboratory technician (biochemical analyst) and worked for two years at the Blood Transfusion Service of the Dutch Red Cross. After serving in the military, he studied Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam. In 1981 he received his master’s degree, after which he earned his PhD in research into anaerobic degradation of carbohydrate/protein mixtures at the Department of Microbiology of this university.

After receiving his PhD in 1986, Ton Breure started work at RIVM as a waste technologist at the Laboratory for Waste and Emissions (Laboratorium voor Afvalstoffen en Emissies). Here, he also researched biodegradation of substances that are alien to the environment.

He then worked at the Laboratory for Ecotoxicology (Laboratorium voor Ecotoxicologie) (1996-2002), where he carried out research into the characterisation of functional biodiversity in the environment and the influence on it from pollution, as well as other projects. He was also Head of the departments for Data Analysis, Risk Assessment and Models, and Policy Analysis, Models and Integration.

Between 2003 and 2012 he was Head of the Laboratory for Ecological Risk Assessment (Laboratorium voor Ecologische Risicobeoordeling). Here, knowledge and expertise were developed and applied to the area of humane and ecological risks of degradation of the quality of the environment as a result of pollution or other human activities.

As Senior Expert Sustainable Organisation of the Living Environment, Ton Breure mainly focuses on the application of RIVM activities to the areas of protection and sustainable use of the soil and water system in relation to public health and well-being. He works at RIVM Center for Sustainability, Environment and Health.

Areas of expertise

  • Soil and Water Quality
  • Biodiversity
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sustainability
  • Ecology
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Natural Capital