Prof.  Caroline Baan (1969) is Chief Science Officer at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment ). In addition, she is professor of Integrated Health Care at Tanzo, Tilburg University.

Caroline Baan
The number of people with one or more chronic disorders, such as diabetes is increasing. For these people, good prevention, care and social support are important, to allow them to (continue to) lead their own lives and participate in society. My work is focused on how we can shape and organise this integration within the current health care system. All, to contribute to people growing old gracefully.

Caroline Baan studied biology at Utrecht University. She earned her PhD in 1999 with the thesis: ‘Cardiovascular consequences of diabetes mellitus’ at the Department of Public Health at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Additionally she worked at this department as a scientific researcher in screening research. She also worked at Amsterdam University and the Public Health Service of Rotterdam and north-east Brabant. 

Since 2001, she works at the RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment Centre for Prevention and Care research, now the RIVM Centre for Nutrition, Prevention and Health Services. With her team, Caroline concentrates on a number of research themes such as integrated care for people with one or more chronic diseases, population management and innovation in long-term care. The team also works on the health care performance indicators, cost-effectiveness analyses of preventive and care interventions, and discrete choice analysis. 

On 1 September 2014, Caroline Baan was appointed endowed professor of Integrated Health Care at the Tilburg University (Tranzo). This chair focuses on integration of public health, health care and support, with the aim to improve public health and quality of care, and to rein in the cost of health care. Examples of relevant research questions arising from this field are:  What are short-term and (middle) long-term effective interventions in the fields of prevention and care? How does the implementation process for complex interventions and programmes in the areas of integration of prevention, care and support look like? At Tranzo, Caroline Baan supervises various (PhD) research projects. 

Areas of expertise 

  • Diabetes 
  • Integrated care for chronic diseases 
  • Multimorbidity 
  • Healthy ageing