This animation explains how the COVID-19 vaccine Novavax works. 


Animation Novavax vaccine

It is now possible to vaccinate with Novavax,
a vaccine that works differently than previous mRNA and vector vaccines.

Here is how it works:
To produce antibodies and other defences against the coronavirus,
the human body has to recognise the spike proteins from the virus.

With the mRNA and vector vaccines, the body uses a blueprint to
make these spike proteins itself... and then develops defences.

Novavax is a protein subunit vaccine, so it already contains
smaller parts of the spike proteins.
When these protein subunits enter the body, it starts to produce
antibodies and other defences.

An adjuvant in the vaccine helps to create a stronger immune response.
A similar adjuvant is also in vaccines against other diseases.

Once the body has developed its immune response to the
coronavirus, it breaks down the vaccine again.

The Novavax vaccine is just as effective as other vaccines... and offers
an alternative for people who do not want an mRNA or vector vaccine
or who are allergic to them.

Like previous vaccines, Novavax was developed based on the first
COVID-19 variants... so its effectiveness against Omicron is
still being investigated.

Vaccination with Novavax consists of a basic series of 2 injections...
and a possible booster jab for this vaccine is still being researched.