To keep antibiotics effective for as long as possible we must use them wisely: not too often and in the correct way. Sometimes the body needs help to overcome a bacterial infection, so doctors prescribe antibiotics. It is important to use them properly, to keep the risk of resistant bacteria emerging as small as possible.

The following tips will help you to use antibiotics wisely:

  • Only use antibiotics when your doctor says that this is necessary. So always contact a doctor first, even if you are abroad.
  • Take the prescribed amount daily and do so at the right time. Do not skip any doses.
  • Never stop a course of antibiotic treatment without first checking with a doctor. In some cases it is possible to stop the course of treatment before it is finished, but always check with a doctor first.
  • Never use leftover antibiotics or other people‚Äôs antibiotics. For each infection, a doctor needs to decide whether a course of antibiotic treatment is required, which antibiotic is right for you, and how long the course of treatment should last.

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