NEVO online provides the possibility to search for a specific food item. Nutrient values of the chosen foods and corresponding source information are given. It is possible to compare the nutrient values of different food items.


You can search online for one or more food items. This can be done in different ways:

  1. Enter food name or part of the food name
  2. Enter the food code (NEVO code)
  3. Search by food group by pressing the button: ‘Search by food group’ and select the food group you want from the available list.

After the result of your search appears you can tick the boxes of the food items you want to select. You can tick as many boxes as you like. It is also possible to search again, while your previous search results remain available. This way you can compare different food items.

For example: You want to compare the composition of oranges and pears. First you enter orange, select the correct food, then enter pear, select the correct food and press: 'Show selected food items'.


The nutrient values of the chosen foods can be compared per nutrient group. By clicking on the tabs you can change to another nutrient group. The names of the nutrients (table headings) are in Dutch. A translation of the names to English is available in the document ‘List of table headings’

The nutrient values can be sorted per nutrient, both for ascending or descending of the values. This can be done by clicking with your cursor on the name of the nutrient. Once for descending, twice for ascending. The selection remains the same when changing tabs.

If one food item is chosen and no values are available for a specific nutrient this nutrient will not be shown. If more than one food item is chosen a ‘-’ (stripe) is given when the nutrient value is not available. Sometimes the nutrient value is found to be present but below the detection limit. This is indicated as ‘spoor’ (trace). A  0 (‘zero’) indicates that the food item does not contain this nutrient.
An asterisk: * with the nutrient means that the food item is enriched with this nutrient.

Product details

By clicking on the 

 you get to the ‘Product details’. This gives all the available nutrient values of one food item. Behind each nutrient value the reference code is given. By clicking on the reference code detailed information on the source is available.
Sometimes additional information is given under ‘Opmerkingen’ at the top of the screen. The information may pertain, for example, to the use of a specific cooking fat, the foods on which the average value is based or a fortified food item. For fortified foods nutrients that are added by the manufacturer are mentioned here.

Besides the composition of foods background information is available in the document ‘NEVO online 2019: background information’  Annexes of this document are available on this website, for example concerning recipes and food group classification