In the past decades several European projects (e.g. INFOODS, COST99, EuroFIR) worked on improving quality and exchangeability of data in national food composition databases. This European standardisation does not only affect the data in these databases, it will also have impact for the users. Increased comparability of food composition data has resulted in improved comparability of food consumption data between countries.


In 2009, the non profit association EuroFIR AISBL was founded in Brussels. RIVM is a member of this association as are other organisations responsible for national food composition data globally. The vision of EuroFIR is the delivery of high quality, validated food composition information, which might be used to address food quality, nutrition and public health challenges in Europe, and increased awareness and understanding of the value of food composition data and its importance for consumers to make healthier dietary choices. Its mission is to be the best and only independent broker of validated food composition information in Europe, facilitate improved data quality, storage and access, and encourage better application of food composition data/ information through harmonisation and training. 

Thus, EuroFIR AISBL is an important source of knowledge for individual food database compilers. Issues of primary importance include definition and classification of food components and food items, analytical methods, recipe calculations, exchange of data with the food industry, quality assurance, education, and delivery of data to users ( Data from NEVO are given to EuroFIR for FoodEXplorer, which allows users to search information from most EU European Union (European Union) Member States as well as Australia, Canada and USA, simultaneously.