European Partnership for Sustainable Food Systems for people, planet and climate

The vision of FutureFoodS (FFS) is to establish sustainable food systems that are environmentally friendly, social, equitable, economically viable, healthy, and safe, spanning from primary production to consumption. 


FutureFoodS is a European partnership for research and innovation. 89 European parties will collaborate within this partnership to accelerate the shift towards sustainable food systems.


FutureFoodS encompasses overarching, targeted, and operational goals that are integrated across the four research and innovation domains and four intersecting themes. The four specific goals are: 

  1. Changing the way we eat. 
  2. Changing the way we process and supply food. 
  3. Changing the way we connect to food systems. 
  4. Changing the way we govern food. 

RIVM primarily supports goals 1 and 4. 

Role of RIVM

As a task leader, RIVM is responsible for the following deliverables in phase 1 of the project (first 24 months). 
1. Report or scientific article on foresight for sustainable food systems addressing the following: 
•    Methodology, including the definition of a conceptual framework. 
•    Stakeholder analysis and selection.
•    Analysis of driving forces and uncertainties using the DESTEP analysis, together with stakeholders.
•    Results of the stakeholder sessions.
•    Selection of scenario logics and methodology in collaboration with colleagues Task 5.5, and if necessary, include other partners from WP5. 
•    Proposal/plan of action for phase 2 (scenarios, policy issues and actions) of Task 5.5.
2. Contribute to the report of task 5.6 (deliverable task 5.6), in which the state of the food system transition will be described. RIVM will contribute by conducting the following activities: 
•    Reporting on foresight methodology to use for the foresight study. 
•    Explanation of how foresight contributes to monitoring. 
Deliverables aim to inform FutureFoodS partners and stakeholders. We will seek collaboration to use the foresight exercise (Task 5.5) to contribute to developing the science-policy interface for FFS (Task 8.1, led by Aarhus University). Information from WP8 on policies can be used for the foresight study. We will collaborate with the following WPs on stakeholder participation: WP3 (External Calls), WP7 (Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation) and WP8 (Impact and Outreach). 


This project has received co-funding from the EU European Union (European Union)'s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme (HORIZON-CL6-2023-FARM2FORK-01-9, Proposal number: 101136361) and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). 

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