Modelling exposure to nanomaterials in spray products

ConsExpo nano is a web based tool that can be used to estimate inhalation exposure to nanomaterials in consumer sprays. The tool adapts the ConsExpo spray tool for regular substances and combines this model with the ICRP deposition and clearance model to estimate inhaled and deposited doses. This page provides background on the models implemented in the ConsExpo nano tool.

The use of nanomaterials in spray products may lead to inhalation exposure of consumers to the nanomaterial. Of special concern is the potential deposition of nanomaterial in the pulmonary (alveolar) region. Poorly soluble material is only slowly cleared from this region. Alveolar deposition may lead to protracted local exposure and accumulation of the nanomaterial in the case of frequent exposure. The duration and magnitude of alveolar load of a nanomaterial has been identified as one of the primary determinants of local adverse effects such as inflammation in the lung (Braakhuis et al, 2014).

ConsExpo nano is a tool that can be used to estimate inhalation exposure  as the inhaled dose and the alveolar load of nanomaterials for consumers using spray products.  The tool combines models for exposure, deposition and clearance to estimate alveolar load. The exposure is expressed in different dose metrics  for quantitative risk assessment.

For comparison of the exposure evaluation in ConsExpo nano with a hazard study   in rat, the latter can also be simulated in ConsExpo nano, to allow for a detailed comparison of exposure levels with hazard data.

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The user manual can be found here