Coen van Gool was named co-chair of the Family Development Committee (FDC) at the Annual Meeting 2018 of the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Network in Seoul.

The FDC supervises the interrelationship between the different WHO classifications, and between the WHO classifications and derived and related classifications, such as the classification often used by general practitioners, the ICPC. The other co-chair is Andrea Martinuzzi from the Italian WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre.

At the same meeting, the four-year chair of Huib ten Napel of the WHO-FIC Education and Implementation Committee (EIC) came to an end. Huib was connected to the Dutch WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre in recent years via the Radboud University Medical Center.

The WHO-FIC is a set of health classifications used worldwide for reporting on health indicators - at individual, group and population level; whether it concerns the functioning of an individual (ICF), his or her medical diagnosis (ICD-10) or what treatment an individual undergoes (ICHI). Since 1998, the Dutch WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre of the RIVM has been managing and updating these WHO classifications commissioned by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Sport for implementation in the Netherlands.