Two Dutch doctors working for an NGO (the Lion Heart Foundation) will be evacuated from Sierra Leone. They had direct contact with Ebola infected patients in Sierra Leone while their protective equipment was not fully adequate. The doctors have shown no symptoms of the infection so far. The two doctors will be evacuated and their condition will be assessed by doctors upon arrival.


Ebola contamination is possible only through direct contact with a patient, during which the virus is transferred via body fluids (such as blood, saliva, or sweat). An Ebola outbreak is controlled by quickly recognizing and separating (isolating) patients to prevent new contaminations. Anyone who has been in contact with a patient (without protection) is monitored for three weeks to see whether they become ill too. If so, they are immediately admitted to hospital, where they are nursed separately from other patients. RIVM and the Community Health Service map all of a patient’s contacts, whose health is also monitored.