On 7 November 2018, Raymond Cointe, Director-General of INERIS and Hans Brug, Director-General of RIVM, signed a Framework Agreement. RIVM has been working with the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks on various themes for years. By establishing a Framework Agreement, the cooperation has now also been formally endorsed. This contributes to RIVM’s ambition to cooperate more closely with partner institutes in other countries.

Ineris is the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks. Ineris research activities supporting public policy and their services supporting businesses contribute to the evaluation and prevention of the risks that economic activities induce for the environment, health and safety of people and goods. Ineris works in the field of accidental risks, chronic risks and ground and underground risks.

The Framework Agreement underlines existing cooperation in the field of environmental protection and health, safety, risk management, chronic risks, modelling and safety and nanotechnology. Central topics of Ineris’ visit to RIVM in Bilthoven were the upcoming challenges and risks of the energy transition and circular economy and substances. Ineris and RIVM identified interesting new topics for further collaboration.