Handen met hartje en condoom

The Dutch National Action Plan for STI, HIV and sexual health describes the most important goals for the next five years. Good information and comprehensive sexuality education are important for the prevention of STD, HIV, unwanted pregnancy and sexual violence. Efficient cooperation between the most important partners is necessary to achieve this. The National Action Plan defines the concrete objectives and actions for a healthy sexual life.

Sexuality education

The action plan states that knowledge about sexuality forms the basis for a healthy sexual life. This includes schools paying sufficient attention to comprehensive sexuality education, including safe sex and contraception. This ensures that fewer STIs and unwanted pregnancies occur. There is also a structural focus on unacceptable sexual behaviour in schools and in healthcare. This helps to prevent sexual violence. The focus is on (additional) training of professionals in healthcare and education.


The action plan lists important goals to further reduce STIs and HIV. One of these is to increase knowledge about long-term effects of infection with chlamydia. In addition, the ambition is to reduce the occurrence of syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV every year by half. Another aim is that in the Netherlands in 2022 people will no longer die from AIDS. Moreover, that 95 percent of people with HIV know that they have the disease.

National Action Plan

The National Action Plan for STI, HIV and Sexual Health 2017-2022 was developed under RIVM direction, in collaboration with the main organisations in the field of STI and HIV control and sexual health. We will publish an English version of the National Action Plan in June.