Teun van Dillen was awarded second place in the Young Professionals Competition at the international conference of radiation experts in Cape Town for his work on the SUDOQU methodology. This methodology can be used for calculating the radiation dose from exposure to ionising radiation from surface-contaminated objects used by workers and/or members of the public.

International recognition

In 2015, Teun van Dillen was awarded the Joh Aten Grant for SUDOQU. “I am grateful for the Joh Aten Grant of the Dutch Society for Radiation Protection (NVS), which made it possible for me to attend the international conference on radiological protection in Cape Town. This gave me the opportunity to present my work to international experts in the field of radiation protection and safety. The competition was strong and it is an honor to have been awarded second place, which is an international recognition of my work on the issue of radiological surface contamination. The discussions in Cape Town inspire me to further develop the SUDOQU methodology."


SUDOQU is a new and innovative methodology for calculating the effective dose from exposure to ionising radiation, for people who have come into contact with objects contaminated at the surface with radioactivity. This methodology can be used by policymakers and radiation experts to determine limiting values for surface contamination and associated radiation screening levels for such objects.
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IRPA Young Professionals Award

The Young Professional Award consists of three prizes awarded by the International Radiological Protection Association (IRPA) to promote investigation into radiation protection and all its related disciplines by young scientists and professionals. Prizes consists of certificates, medals and for the first prize winner a cash prize.