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The software model ConsExpo is a set of coherent, general models that enables the estimation and assessment of exposure to substances from consumer products that are used indoor and their uptake by humans.

ConsExpo is used by the European assessment of industrial chemicals (REACH) and biocides. Models for various exposure routes (inhalation, dermal or oral route) are included The most appropriate exposure scenario and uptake model is chosen for each route. The parameters needed for the exposure scenario and the uptake models are then filled in. It is possible to choose for a screenings model or a higher tier exposure estimation.

This program is designed for the use by expert exposure assessors only. To enhance transparency and standardization, for a number of product categories, default parameter values have been compiled in so-called fact sheets. The default-models and default-parameter values are available in the form of a database with the ConsExpo software. Currently, the most recent version is ConsExpo 4.1. A beta-version of ConsExpo 5.0 is available, in which the methods for probabilistic exposure evaluation have been improved.

To download ConsExpo go to the library website ConsExpo

If you have questions or remarks about ConsExpo or want to be on the ConsExpo mailing list, please contact us at consexpo@rivm.nl.



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