Norovirus Typing Tool Version 2.0

This tool is designed to use phylogenetic methods in order to identify the Norovirus genotype of a nucleotide sequence.
Note for batch analysis: The genotypetool accepts up to 20000 sequences at a time.
New names are followed by old names in parenthesis on the results page and further described on the report page. New rare genotypes have been added, two genotypes have been assigned to new genogroups.

You may either:

  1. Paste one or more sequences in FASTA format in the input field.
  2. Upload a FASTA file.
  3. Upload FASTQ files.
  4. Revisit results of a previous run

A) Paste nucleotide sequence(s) in FASTA format:

B) Or, upload a FASTA with nucleotide sequences:

C) Or, revisit results from a previous run: