De stroom van voedingsstoffen (stikstof, fosfor, kalium) van de bodem naar het kleine open water

Transport of eutrofiating minerals (nitrogen, phosphor, potassium) from the soil into the open water


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In the Netherlands situation not enough data is available to compose a detailed representation of the contents of nitrogen (N), potassium (K) and phosphor (P) compounds in (small) surface water. The concentrations have to be estimated by considering the different loads of the contributing water flows to small surface water. The relevant components of surface water recharge are surface runoff, interflow, including tile drainage and base flow. For the various landscapes of the Netherlands the varying contributions of these water discharge components have been determined. It turns out that in the Netherlands situation the base flow is very important. the age of the base flow varies from a few to several hundreds of years, depending on the hydrogeological situation. The loads of the various discharge components with regard to N, P and K have been estimated, taking into account historical situations average concentration in surface water, where a summer and a winter situation have to be distinguished. The results have been compared to actual measurements in small surface water ; in general a satisfactory agreement was reached as to nitrogen and to a lesser degree phosphor compounds. results are given in the form of tables and figures representing small surface water for the whole of the Netherlands. The actual (1990) situation has been treated, but with the same method also a future (2010) situation, assuming regulating measures with regard to fertilizer and manure application to agricultural lands as will be imposed by the authorities.

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