Verslag workshop "Landfarming"; Bilthoven, 7 oktober 1991

Report of the workshop on Landfarming


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The workshop was focussed on the application and limitation of landfarming and improvement of the technology. At the moment the application and development of landfarming and other biological methods are hampered by residual concentrations exceeding the standards set by the government. Some conclusions: - The procedure of landfarming could be separated into two parts: intensive landfarming and extensive landfarming. - It is still possible to optimize intensive landfarming (practised at the moment) by means of models. - Extensive landfarming could be an alternative to decrease the residual concentration left after applying intensive landfarming. This is a new concept in the cleaning of contaminated soil and should be investigated. - Models and tests should be developed to predict the residual concentration left after intensive landfarming and the ecotoxicological risks of the cleaned soil.

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