Nynke Rots is Senior Scientific Advisor at the RIVM Centre for Immunology of Infectious Diseases and Vaccines.

Nynke is particularly interested in investigating ways to optimize protection of all individuals, at all phases of their life, against vaccine preventable infectious diseases by optimizing vaccination schedules, number of doses and timing and monitoring the short and longterm effect on the immune response.

Nynke Rots obtained her MSc degree in Medical Biology from the University Utrecht in 1990 and her PhD degree at the faculty of Medical Pharmacology at the Leiden University in 1995. She worked as a post-doc at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York until 1997 when she moved back to The Netherlands and started working as an international clinical project leader at the medical department of Aventis Pharma (currently Sanofi) where she was responsible for two worldwide clinical trials. In 2000 she became clinical research manager at IsoTis an Orthobiology company where she was responsible for the clinical strategy and participated in product development teams. In 2004 she started working at the Registration and Medical department of the NVI as senior clinical affairs scientist and is now senior advisor clinical immunology at the center for immunology of infectious diseases and vaccines at the RIVM. From 2010 -2014 she has been interim head of the clinical department first at NVI and later at the RIVM.

She became an expert in clinical research with a focus on vaccine trials. She has been involved in the design, execution and reporting on numerous clinical trials investigating the effect of different vaccines or vaccination schedules on immunogenicity and safety and the review of scientific data to assess the effectiveness of the national immunization program and possibilities to optimize the program.

Field of expertise

  • Clinical trials and  immunology


E-mail: info@rivm.nl