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Press Officers

Journalist can request information through the Press Office. Please contact:

Questions about COVID-19, infectious disease control

Harald Wychgel
+31 30 274 3005
Email: harald.wychgel@rivm.nl
Available every weekday except Monday

Geert Westerhuis 
030 - 274 2507
Email: geert.westerhuis@rivm.nl
Available every weekday except Friday

General question about COVID-19

Coen Berends
+31 30 - 274 4791
Email: coen.berends@rivm.nl
Available every weekday except Friday

Questions about COVID-19, vaccinations

Charlotte Menten
+31 30 – 274 8641
Email: charlotte.menten@rivm.nl
Available every weekday

Marah Michel 
+31 30 - 274 2301
Email: marah.michel@rivm.nl
Available every weekday except Wednesday

Health and Healthcare (including COVID-19 Behavioural Unit)

Jan Brouwer de Koning
+31 30 274 4049
Email: jan.brouwer.de.koning@rivm.nl
Available every weekday except Wednesday

Infectious disease control (with exception of  COVID-19), Health and Healthcare

Martijn van der Wind
030 - 274 2131
Email: martijn.van.der.wind@rivm.nl
Available every weekday

Environment and Safety

Ronald Kooren
+31 30 - 274 3993
Email: ronald.kooren@rivm.nl
Available every weekday


You can also contact the secretariat of the Communication department, call +31 (0)30 274 2840 or email persvoorlichting@rivm.nl

Availability outside office hours

To contact a Press Officer outside office hours, please call +31 (0)30 274 9111.

Filming and photography

If you wish to film or take photographs on RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment premises, you must obtain prior permission through one of the Press Officers.