Professor Wout Slob (1954) works as an expert in quantitative risk assessment at the RIVM Centre for Nutrition, Prevention and Health Services.

Wout Slob studied Biology at VU University Amsterdam, with theoretical biology as his main subject. This is where he obtained his PhD in 1987 with work on applying statistics in biological research, including log transformation and power analysis.

Wout Slob worked at RIVM from 1986 until 1995 as a consulting statistician. During that period he became gradually more interested in toxicology and risk assessment. From 1996, he specialised in methods for risk assessment of substances, including dose-response modelling, exposure modelling, probabilistic risk analysis and toxicokinetic modelling. As an expert in these quantitative methods, he played an important role in many international committees.

Wout Slob developed a software programme for analysing dose-response data (PROAST). This is used a lot, nationally and internationally, in the context of risk assessment as well as in the context of scientific research in general

From 2000 until 2010 Wout Slob was also appointed as a professor for quantitative risk assessment at the Institute of Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) of Utrecht University.

Areas of expertise

  • Dose-response modelling
  • Benchmark Dose (BMD)
  • Probabilistic risk assessment
  • Exposure modelling
  • Experimental set-up and statistical analysis