RIVM aims to be an honest and reliable partner for government bodies and other organisations involved in public health and the environment.

We maintain our impartial position by independently determining the most effective research methods and by making our research results available publically in reports and on our website. Our independent position is set down in RIVM statutes.

Collaboration with the Private Sector (PPP)

Participation of RIVM in scientific research projects financed by the private sector can only take place if several strict criteria are met. These conditions guarantee the independence of RIVM as a government organisation.

For example:

  • The subject of the project must fit within RIVM's tasks and responsibilities
  • Collaboration only takes place in consortia, not with individual private partners
  • RIVM must have the liberty to implement the project as it sees fit
  • Open-access publishing of scientific research results must be allowed
  • Participation in a public-private partnership always requires approval from the Executive Board.

More information is available in the brochure Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and RIVM. Balancing the benefits and risks.

Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific quality of our work is monitored by the Scientific Advisory Board, which includes a number of well-respected scientists. In consultation with the RIVM Director-General, the Board carries out scientific audits to assess our research against objective criteria thus ensuring our accountability. The Board ensures any criticism from within or outside the RIVM is dealt with correctly. The Board is also closely involved in assessing our strategic research activities.