The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) works to ensure public health and a clean, safe living environment. Therefore, sustainability – including environmental care – is also given high priority in our own work. This is in keeping with our mission and tasks.

Environmental policy

The starting point is of course that RIVM complies with all the applicable environmental legislation and regulations. We are also committed to the ongoing improvement of our environmental performance. We make a great effort to cause as little environmental damage as possible. So our concern for the environment is an integral part of our management and our organisational strategy.

The implementation of our environmental policy requires the commitment of the entire organisation. So the management expects every manager and every employee to make an active contribution to environmental care. RIVM for its part ensures that its employees have a good standard of knowledge that enables them to carry out their work in an environmentally conscious manner.

Animal testing policy

RIVM is opposed to the unnecessary use of lab animals and is a major supporter of the use of alternatives. However, if it is to carry out its tasks properly, research using lab animals is necessary in some cases. This research is, of course, carried out carefully in accordance with the legal frameworks set out in the Experiments On Animals Act. RIVM is very aware of the discussions going on in society about the use of lab animals.  We have developed our own policy alongside the statutory regulations.