This four days training provides a full introduction in chemical safety assessment as required in the EU European Union (European Union) legislation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restrcition of CHemicals). It offers you the unique opportunity to apply this theoretical framework directly by working with chemicals from your own practice . This course is organized in close collaboration with Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) Utrecht University.

About the course

The four days training provides a full introduction in chemical safety assessment and offers you the opportunity to apply the theoretical framework directly in your own practice.

The course starts on the first days with a crash course in which a general overview of the REACH legislation, processes and the chemcial safety assessment (CSA) is provided, with short interactive exercises.

In the remaining part of the course the participants select a REACH relevant chemcial to perform their own chemical safety assessment. On each day in a stepwise approach the theoretical background is provided, available tolls are explained and briefly demonstrated after which you can bring these into practice on your selected chemical of interest under supervision of experts.

After selecting a chemical the CSA starts with data gathering, selection and evaluation (day 2), hazard assessment (day 2 and 3), exposure assessment (day 3), and risk characterization (day 3). During teh course we briefly touch upon risk management measures (day 4) and the special topics PBT?PMT, endocrine disruption, nanomaterials and mixture toxicity. On the final day participants are expected to pitch their most inportant lessons learned to share their insights.


Information on the course Chemical Safety Assessment under REACH

Organizing institution

RIVM and Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UU) 

Target Group

This course is intended for postgraduates and professionals within industry, governments, universities and consultants, who want to advance their knowledge on REACH and the Chemical Safety Assessment of industrial chemicals.


3-6 July 2018 (4 days) 

Course locations

RIVM, Bitlhoven, The Netherlands 


1.5 ECTS credits + Certificate of Attendance 

Course fee 

€ 1700 (no housing)


Advanced master level 

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Vereiste achtergrondkennis 

De cursus vereist een goede kennis van de basiswetenschappen (scheikunde, biologie, natuurkunde) en (eco) toxicologie en een een globale kennis over de risicobeoordeling 

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