Proclaimer for use of the ConsExpo nano online tool.

ConsExpo nano is a “work-in-progress” online tool designed to reflect the current state of knowledge on exposure to nanomaterials via inhalation and nanomaterial spray scenarios for the consumer. The model is based on the ConsExpo model for the estimation of exposure to regular substances in consumer spray products. The load of nanomaterial in the alveoli is chosen as endpoint of exposure. This endpoint of exposure relates to potential local effects in the lung such as the induction of inflammation in the alveoli.
New knowledge or insights may lead to model changes and updates of the tool. Adjustments to the model to a new version will be clearly communicated via the website. The actual version is mentioned in the footer of the webpage.
It is recommended that experts (nanotoxicology, exposure assessment and risk assessment) are responsible for the evaluation and selection of data and the application of the ConsExpo nano online tool. Adequate interpretation of the results of the model is required as a basis for risk assessment.  RIVM is not responsible for the consequences of the operational use of ConsExpo nano.