Open Project for the European Radiation Research Area

Within the OPERRA project, the MELODI Association, as a well-advanced network, was in the lead in establishing the necessary structures able to manage the long-term European research programmes in radiation protection, also taking advantage of the valuable experience gathered through the DoReMi network of excellence. Whilst in fields adjacent to low-dose risk research (radioecology, nuclear emergency management) scientific issues continued to be hosted by the sister associations, Alliance and NERIS. These associations were encouraged to join MELODI to establish an umbrella structure as equal partners.

OPERRA exploited the synergies of EURATOM and other European Commission programmes by considering the most relevant joint programme areas and mechanisms for funding joint activities. The project strengthened the links with national funding programs as well as the European education and training structures. In addition, it took steps towards greater involvement of new Member States. Finally, OPERRA took steps to further integrate the joint use of infrastructures in European countries and to develop and facilitate easier access to research infrastructures. 

OPERRA was coordinated by the French Institute de Radioprotection et de Sucrete Nucleaire (IRSN) and RIVM was one of the 66 participants. 


Publications are available via OpenAIRE.


OPERRA received funding from FP7-EURATOM-FISSION under grant agreement ID: 604984.