Indicator 1:     National recommendation on physical activity for health
Indicator 2:     Adults reaching the minimum WHO recommendation on physical activity for health
Indicator 3:     Children and adolescents reaching the minimum WHO recommendation on
                      physical activity for health
Indicator 4:     National government coordination mechanism and leadership on HEPA promotion
Indicator 5:     Funding allocated specifically to HEPA promotion
Indicator 6:     National Sport for All policy or action plan
Indicator 7:     Sport Clubs for Health Programme
Indicator 8:     Framework to support offers to increase access to exercise facilities for 
                      socially disadvantaged groups
Indicator 9:     Target groups addressed by the national HEPA policy
Indicator 10:    Monitoring and surveillance of physical activity
Indicator 11:    Counseling on physical activity
Indicator 12:    Training on physical activity in curriculum for health professionals
Indicator 13:    Physical education in primary and secondary schools
Indicator 14:    Schemes for school-related physical activity promotion
Indicator 15:    HEPA in training of physical education teachers
Indicator 16:    Schemes promoting active travel to school
Indicator 17:    Level of cycling and walking
Indicator 18:    European guidelines for improving infrastructures for leisure-time physical activity
Indicator 19:    Schemes to promote active travel to work
Indicator 20:    Schemes to promote physical activity at the workplace
Indicator 21:    Schemes for community interventions to promote physical activity in older adults
Indicator 22:    National HEPA policies that include a plan for evaluation
Indicator 23:    National awareness raising campaign on physical activity