Title Authors Reportnumber
Apps under the medical devices legislation van Drongelen, A. ; de Bruijn, A. ; Roszek, B. ; Vonk, R. 2018-0083
Poverty, chronic stress, and health in the municipality of The Hague. An initial survey based on group model building (Dutch report, English synopsis) Luijben, G. ; den Hertog, F. ; van der Lucht, F. 2019-0004
Assurance system regarding the influence of medicinal products on results of IVD tests Moltó-Puigmartí, C. ; de Bruijn, A. ; van Drongelen, A. ; Meneses Leonardo Alves, T. ; Weda, M. 2018-0149
Digital clinical decision support systems in care. An exploration (Dutch report, English synopsis) Weda, M. ; de Bruijn, A. ; Meneses Leonardo Alves, T. ; de Vries, C. 2018-0150
Foreign threats to public health in the Netherlands. A quick scan (Dutch report, English synopsis) Harbers, M.M. ; Post, N.A.M. ; van der Wilk, E.A. ; Harmans, L.M. 2019-0106
An inventory of high-risk treatments in beauty salons (Dutch report, English synopsis) Oostlander, A. ; van Baal, J. ; van der Maaden, T. 2018-0134
An exploration of the applicability of system dynamics modelling in the context of impact analyses (Dutch report, English synopsis) Luijben, A.H.P. ; Pruyt, E. 2019-0003
Epidemiological data of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. Background report from 'Zinnige Zorg' Programme (Dutch report, English synopsis) Eysink, P.E.D. ; Poos, M.J.J.C. ; Gijsen, R. ; Kommer, G.J. ; van Gool, C.H. 2019-0180
Evaluation of the distribution of iodine tablets (Dutch report, English synopsis) Claassen, L. ; Dusseldorp, A. ; Hagens, W. 2019-0131
Folic acid and pregnancy, data in the Netherlands from 2008 (Dutch report, English synopsis) ter Borg, S. ; Verkaik-Kloosterman, J. 2019-0203
Estimated effect of lower salt and sugar levels in foods on the daily intake of salt and sugar of the Dutch population (Dutch report, English synopsis) Wilson-van den Hooven, E.C. ; Brants, H.A.M. ; Beukers, M.H. ; Milder, I.E.J. 2019-0231
Small-scale dialogues about DNA modification in embryos. Exploring the possible design of a broad public dialogue (Dutch report, English synopsis) Heugens, E.H.W. ; Devilee, J.L.A. ; Elberse, J.E. 2019-0181
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of two interventions: 'Social prescribing' and Combined Lifestyle Interventions in Children (Dutch report, English synopsis) Suijkerbuijk, A.W.M. ; van Gils, P.F. ; Leenaars, K.E.F. ; Over, E.A.B. ; Polder, J.J. 2019-0192
Quality indicators for down-, edwards- and patausyndrome screening laboratory in the Netherlands, 2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Imholz, S. 2019-0043
Lead ingestion via tap water Exposure and risk assessment for various high-risk groups (Dutch report, English synopsis) Boon, P.E. ; van der Aa, M. ; Dusseldorp, A. ; Janssen, P. ; Zeilmaker, M.J. ; Schulpen, S. 2019-0090
Medicine shortages measures; state of affairs autumn 2019 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Weda, M. ;  Bos, V. ; Meneses Leonardo Alves, T.I. ; Hegger, I. 2019-0220
Physical activity: referral to activities by primary care providers (Dutch report, English synopsis) Schurink-van 't Klooster, T.M. ; Loyen, A. ; Proper, K.I. 2019-0034
Environmental Health Complaints reported to the Municipal Health Authorities, years 2017-2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Dusseldorp, A. ; Schaap, M. ; Gram, J. ; Schoevaars-Lops, S. ; Jonker , R. 2019-0132
Mineral Oils in food; a review of occurrence and sources Buijtenhuijs, D. ; van de Ven, B.M. 2019-0048
Models for calculating human exposure to pesticides: the current state of affairs (Dutch report, English synopsis) te Biesebeek, J.D. ; van Klaveren, J.D. ; Rietveld, A.G. ; Wezenbeek, J.M. ; Komen, C.M.D. 2019-0031
New insights in the development of azole-resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus (Dutch report, English synopsis) Schoustra, S.E. ; Zhang, J. ; Zwaan, B.J. ; Debets, A.J.F. ; Verweij, P. ; Buijtenhuijs, D. ; Rietveld, A.G. 2018-0131
Reconstructive application of fillers (Dutch report, English synopsis) Oostlander, A.E. ; Eising, S. ; van Elk, M. ; de Jong, W.H. ; Keizers, P.H.J. 2019-0005
Frame of reference for distribution and availability of ambulance care 2019 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kommer, G.J. ; Mulder, M. ; Mohnen, S.M. 2019-0157
Risk assessment of GenX and PFOA in home-grown garden crops in Helmond (Dutch report, English synopsis) Boon, P.E. ; Zeilmaker, M.J. ; Mengelers, M.J.B. 2019-0024
Screen use, blue light and sleep (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Kerkhof, L.W.M. ; van der Maaden, T. ; van der Meijden, W. ; van Elk, M. ; van Nierop, L.E. ; Dollé, M.E.T. ; Stenvers, D.J. ; Bisschop, P. ; van Someren, E. ; Kalsbeek, A. 2018-0147
Standard time, summer time and health. A literature study into the health effects of different time settings (Dutch report, English synopsis) Zantinge, E.M. ; van Kerkhof, L.W.M. ; de Bruijn, A.C.P. ; Oostlander, A.E. ; Dollé, M.E.T. 2019-0151
Standard time, summer time and health. A literature study into the health effects of different time settings (Dutch report, English synopsis) Zantinge, E.M. ; van Kerkhof, L.W.M. ; de Bruijn, A.C.P. ; Oostlander, A.E. ; Dollé, M.E.T. 2019-0173
Template for safety assessment of plant food supplements  de Wit-Bos, L. ; Jeurissen, S.M.F. ; Mennes, W.C. ; Rorije, E. ; Wolterink, G. 2019-0114
Use of antibiotics and alternatives to antibiotics. Opportunities and obstacles (Dutch report, English synopsis) Leonardo Alves, T.M. ; de Vries, C.G.J.C.A. ; David, S. ; Weda, M. 2018-0151
Interim evaluation of the policy document 'Healthy Growth, Sustainable Harvest'. Subproject Food Safety (Dutch report, English synopsis) Boon, P.E. ; van Donkersgoed, G. ; van der Vossen, W. ; Sam, M. ; Noordam, M.Y. ; van der Schee, H. 2018-0127
Exploratory study of 13 week ultrasound scan (Dutch report, English synopsis) Wieringa, J. ; Buitenhuis, E. ; van der Horst, A. 2019-0033
Exploratory Study on Economic Assessments of Implants (Dutch report, English synopsis) Suijkerbuijk, A. ; van Gils, P.F. ; Alves, T.I. ; Polder, J.J. ; de Wit, G.A. ; Hoebert , J.M. 2019-0102
Salt, sugar and saturated fatty acid content in foods. RIVM Reformulation Monitor 2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) ter Borg, S. ; Brants, H. ; Klein, R.J.de ; Toxopeus, I. ; Westenbrink, S. ; Milder, I. 2019-0032