Title Authors Reportnumber
Indicatoren E-healthmonitor 2021-2023 en doelstellingen voor e-health (Dutch report, English synopsis) JJ Aardoom, L van Deursen, CJM Rompelberg, LMB Standaar, AWM Suijkerbuijk, LHD van Tuyl, A Versluis, MJM Wouters 2021-0060
2020 Client Support Monitor: figures and experiences (Dutch report, English synopsis) TA Hulshof, A de Bekker, A Verweij, F Baâdoudi, F Bauer, M de Bruin-Kooistra, J Eeuwijk, CL van den Brink 2021-0017
Advertising for and use of non-alcoholic beverages (Dutch report, English synopsis) GA de WitB EveraarsB BilderbeekK VisscherR HendrikxC Voogt 2021-0069
Ambulance services driving times model – 2021 update (Dutch report, English synopsis) GJ Kommer, L de Vries, Z Etemad-Ghameshlou, J Ferreira, SM Mohnen 2021-0146
Analyzing the effect of having diabetes on mortality risk and life expectancy in the Netherlands (Dutch report, English synopsis) R Poos, M Nielen, H Hilderink 2021-0169
Estimated effect of the National Agreement to Improve Food Composition on the daily intake of salt and sugar of the Dutch population. Final report 2014-2020 (Dutch report, English synopsis) S ter Borg, MH Beukers, HAM Brants, IEJ Milder, ECWilson-van den Hooven 2020-0173
Evaluation of voluntary financial contribution for Q fever - the significance of a gesture (Dutch report, English synopsis) AF Gorter, MCM Busch, F van der Lucht 2021-0016
Exploratory study DNA tests for personal prevention of common disorders (Dutch report, English synopsis) SM Onstwedder, T Rigter, ME Jansen 2021-0012
Exploring the necessity of additional data requirements under the pesticide regulation to take into account endophytes J Scheepmaker 2021-0056
Flavouring additives in liquids for e-cigarettes: a proposal for a restricted list (Dutch report, English synopsis) JLA Penning, A Havermans, EJZ Krüsemann, E Schenk, WF Visser, IME Bakker ’t Hart, R Talhout 2021-0074
How sensitive are smokers to prices. Behavioural effects of an increase in excise duties: stop smoking, reduce smoking, smoke cheaper tobacco products or buy them from neighbouring countries? (Dutch report, English synopsis) K Visscher, M Lambooij, A Suijkerbuijk, P van Gils, A de Wit 2021-0013
Implementation plan for vitamin K prophylaxis for infants (Dutch report, English synopsis) J Verkaik-Kloosterman, MH de Jong 2021-0015
Increasing test uptake during community-wide testing in Dronten and Bunschoten J Sanders, C Zomer, R HoekstraJ,  de Ron, T Blanken, S Epskamp, S van Dijken, M Gerkema, L Hart, O Visser, D Borsboom, M de Bruin 2021-0089
Inventory of additional measures to support the National Prevention Agreement. Possible next steps towards the ambitions for 2040 (Dutch report, English synopsis) A van Giessen, E Douma, T Kuijpers, E Nawijn, I van Gestel, S Pees, N Koopman, E de Pon, J Boer 2021-0053
Mental health of students in higher education (Dutch report, English synopsis) JM Dopmeijer, J Nuijen, MCM Busch, NI Tak, A Verweij 2021-0194
Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol. Study into the feasibility of implementation in the Netherlands (Dutch report, English synopsis) A de Wit, K Visscher, E Over, N van Gelder, B Everaars, P van Gil, sC Voogt 2021-0014
National ambulance plan for distribution and availability of ambulance care 2021 (Dutch report, English synopsis) GJ Komme, rP Engelfriet, E Over, J de Sousa Jorge Ferreira, SM Mohnen 2021-0183
National and local expenditures for health promotion: a baseline measurement (Dutch report, English synopsis) M Oosterhoff, J van Leerdam, A Suijkerbuijk, J Polder 2021-0095
New Approach Methodologies in the safety assessment of consumer products and food (Dutch report, English synopsis) A Kienhuis, L de Wit-Bos, J van Engelen 2020-0093
Nicotine products without tobacco for recreational use (Dutch report, English synopsis) CGGM Pauwels, IME Bakker-t Hart, I Hegger, W Bil, PMJ Bos, R Talhout 2020-0152
Overview of quality assessment of protective equipment in the COVID-19-crisis (Dutch report, English synopsis) APT Hartendor, pBJ Venhuis, PHJ Keizers 2021-0137
Pesticides and neurodegenerative diseases: possibilities for improving the market authorisation requirements (Dutch report, English synopsis) H Heusinkveld, G Wolterink, E de Jong, E Hessel 2021-0153
Physical activity and sports in 2020 (Dutch report, English synopsis) M DuijvestijnT SchurinkS van den BergS EuserW Wendel-Vos 2021-0117
Plant toxins in food. How much do we consume? (Dutch report, English synopsis) C Sprong, L de Wit-Bos 2020-0120
Preventive health policy 2006-2018. What are its effects and lessons learned? (Dutch report, English synopsis) JMA Boer, JM van Gestel, ER Douma, S Pees, S Ba, sL Lemmens, E Zantinge, GCM Herber 2021-0088
Progress report on the National Prevention Agreement 2020 (Dutch report, English synopsis) A van Giessen, J Boer, I van Gestel, S Pees, E Douma, T Kuijpers, E du Pon, E Nawijn, N Koopman 2021-0098
Revision of the risk assessment of GenX and PFOA in vegetable garden crops in Dordrecht, Papendrecht, and Sliedrecht (Dutch report, English synopsis) PE Boon, JD te Biesebee, kBGH Bokkers, AS Bulder 2021-0064
Revision of the risk assessment of PFAS in vegetable garden crops in Helmond (Dutch report, English synopsis) PE Boon, JD te Biesebee, kBGH Bokkers, AS Bulder 2021-0071
Risk assessment of herbal preparations containing St John's wort L de Wit, S Jeurissen, W Chen 2019-0115
Salt, saturated fat and sugar levels in processed foods. RIVM Reformulation Monitor 2020 (Dutch report, English synopsis) E Steenbergen, EC Wilson- van den Hooven, S ter Borg, HAM Brants, EM Niekerk, A Lindeboom, RJ de Klein, IEJ Milder 2021-0138
Seaweed consumption in the Netherlands (Dutch report, English synopsis) C Dinnissen, E Nawijn, H Brants, C van Rossum 2020-0195
Substance use among students in higher education (Dutch report, English synopsis) JM Dopmeijer, J Nuijen, MCM Busch, NI Tak, N van Hasselt, A Verweij 2021-0195
Use of workout supplements by sport participants in the Netherlands (Dutch report, English synopsis) L Razenberg-GiesbersS NotenboomL de Wit-Bos 2021-0116