Storybuilder 2.3 has two separate modes: Lite and Expert. The Storybuilder software can be downloaded together with two databases.

Lite mode

The Lite mode offers checklists/pull down menus that will help you in entering you own data/paths. The checklists in the Lite mode will make it easy to record the data and view individual incidents. When done entering the data you can switch between modes to view the path in the expert graphic mode. Further information can be found in the 'Storybuilder Lite Checklists' help file. 

Expert mode

The expert mode displays the data graphically as bowties. It can be used to analyse the current data, enter youw own data and you can also build your own structures. In Expert mode data can be exported in various ways to a separate file which can be opened in e.g. MS Excel or Word.


  • The file 14 CREATIONS MOTHER SUPERFILE contains the database of reportable serious accidents investigate by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate. These constitute an estimated 1% of occupational accidents in The Netherlands, being the most serious ones. The database now contains 23.799 victims in 23.030 accidents for the period 1998-2009.
  • The file 14 CREATIONS MOTHER SUPERFILE is a blank database that contains exactly the same structure of 26 bowties without the paths, so you can use it to enter your own data (Lite mode is the easiest for that).
NOTE that the database contains fields of listed items that might not be of interest to you. You can always skip over those steps in the Lite Checklists. The lists are from an evolved structure and so some specific points may be missing. In some cases European classifications are used (e.g. for type of equipment).

You can switch between EN and NL in the program. The interface stays in English, but the database and checklist will show in Dutch. To switch: use the 'settings' dropdown menu and select 'language'.