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2006 – present. B.C. Ossendorp is a.o. co-author of EFSA opinions on acute dietary intake assessment (EFSA-Q-2006-114), on cumulative risk assessment methodology (EFSA-Q-2006-160), on a case study with compounds from the triazole group to test the proposed methodoly for cumulative risk assessment (EFSA-Q-2007-183), on the safety assessment of carvone, considering all sources of exposure (EFSA-Q-2013-00290).

2000 - present. B.C. Ossendorp and T. van der Velde-Koerts are co-author of the JMPR Residue Reports and Evaluations during this period.

2000 – present. G. Wolterink is co-author of JMPR Toxicological Monographs.

A. Bulder and S.M.F. Jeurissen are co-author of many JECFA Reports.

T. van der Velde-Koerts, G. van Donkersgoed, N. Koopman, B.C. Ossendorp. Revision of Dutch dietary risk assessment models for pesticide authorization purposes. Report 320005006/2010. Bilthoven 2010