Centre for Sustainability, Environment and Health

The centre works for the sustainability of our society so that now and in the future, sustainable use can be made of our environment.

We use our knowledge and expertise on the impact of environmental quality on the health and wellbeing of people and ecosystems. The environment can then be used as optimally and sustainably as possible for the long-term quality of life. This includes sustainable use of natural resources such as raw materials, energy sources, and material and energy cycles. In addition, we analyse the effectiveness of environment and climate change measures to support the government in focusing policy on these issues.

Head of centre: Birgit Loos, MSc, PhD

Key expertise

  • Impact directed policy on sustainability, air, drinking water and noise
  • Impact of exposure to environmental burdens, such as air pollution, nanoparticles, noise and electromagnetic fields, on people and ecosystems
  • Impact of environmental measures on the health and welfare of people and the ecosystem
  • Adapting environment to climate change
  • Sustainable use of resources and ecosystems
  • Sustainable use of the environment in relation to land/soil
  • External safety of physical planning, economy and infrastructure
  • Advice on soil and drinking water standards
  • Methodology development to assess measures and deviation from standards
  • Epidemiological and toxicological research on the health impacts of environmental burden
  • Experience studies in relation to impact of environmental factors
  • Health impact assessment and integrated considerations
  • Contributing to  government information on environment, public health and ecosystem services


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