The RIVM organisation consists of three domains with specific knowledge and expertise: Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology (Centre for Infectious Disease Control), Environment and Safety (including environmental incident service) and Public Health and Health Services (including food and food safety). Thirteen specialist centres are based in the domains.

Furthermore, the RIVM organisation has a Department for Vaccine Supply and Prevention Programmes and a Project office New Premises. These organisational units receive professional support from the Executive office. The institute is managed by a management board consisting of six persons.

The Executive Board oversees RIVM 's daily administration. The Executive Board is the highest decision making body at RIVM level.


Centre for Infectious Disease Control
The centre coordinates the control of infectious diseases, including effective prevention, close vigilance and quick response in the event of an outbreak, and contributes to reducing health problems related to infectious diseases.

National Coordination Centre for Communicable Disease Control
The centre coordinates the control of infectious diseases and is responsible for rapid and efficient communication about outbreaks nationally and regionally throughout the Netherlands. In the event of an outbreak, the centre is responsible for the scientific advice on outbreak control measures to the government and for implementation by health professionals.

Centre for Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology and Surveillance
The centre analyses and monitors the occurrence and trends in infectious diseases in the Netherlands and carries out studies on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of measures to control such diseases.

Centre for Infectious Diseases Research, Diagnostics and Laboratory Surveillance
The centre carries out microbiological research, specific patient and epidemiological diagnostics of infectious diseases, and all laboratory analyses on human infectious diseases.

Centre for Zoonoses and Environmental Microbiology
The centre is responsible for the early warning and risk assessment of the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from animals, food and the environment to humans in the Netherlands.

Centre for Immunology of Infectious Diseases and Vaccines
The centre advises the Dutch Government on Immunology and Vaccinology and carries out research to generate knowledge and data on the immune response to infectious diseases and to vaccinations offered in the framework of the government’s infectious disease control programme.

Centre for Safety of Substances and Products
The centre provides advice and practical support to the Dutch Government and international organisations on risk management of chemical substances, products and gene technology. Our objective is sustainable protection and promotion of the health and safety of people and the environment in a time of rapid technological innovation.

Centre for Sustainability, Environment and Health
The centre works for the sustainability of our society so that now and in the future, sustainable use can be made of our environment.

Centre for Environmental Quality
The centre measures, monitors and models the quality of environmental components such as soil, groundwater and air, and factors such as noise and light. Trends are identified and the impact of policy measures on environmental quality is studied.

Centre for Environmental Safety and Security
The centre focuses on the physical safety in the Netherlands with regard to the threat of accidents and events, and the consequences of such events. These activities cover accidents with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents (CBRN Chemical Biological Radiology and nuclear (Chemical Biological Radiology and nuclear ) agents), and all other physical accidents and disasters.


Centre for Health and Society
The centre supports policy, inspection, local professionals and the general public with expertise in public health, health care, disease prevention, health promotion, alternatives to animal experiments and directs national prevention programmes.

Centre for Health Protection
The centre focuses on the health impacts and risks to people of chemical and biological agents, with special attention to medicines, medical products, tobacco, consumer products, diet and food components, and interaction with life style factors.

Centre for Nutrition, Prevention and Health Services
The centre advances public health through knowledge development and research on public health, disease prevention, and health care. The centre provides knowledge on preventing major health problems, the options for preventing these problems, and the care required.

Centre for Population Screening
The Centre for Population Screening directs and coordinates the eight national population screening programmes offered by the Dutch government. It is also responsible for the National Influenza Prevention Programme.

Department for Vaccine Supply and Prevention Programmes
The department coordinates the implementation of the National Immunisation Programme, neonatal screening, and screening of pregnant women.

Project office new premises
RIVM will move to the Utrecht Science Park in 2020. Together with the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB), RIVM will occupy the new building on the Weg tot de Wetenschap in Utrecht.

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