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ICP M&M meetings in 2013

Publication date: 20 November 2012
Modificationdate: 07 August 2018

The 23rd CCE Workshop and 29th Task Force Meeting of the ICP M&M will be held 8-11 April 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Department of Biosience, Aarhus University will host the

   23rd  CCE Workshop and 29th  Task Force Meeting

Important objectives of the meetings include:

(1) presentations on field measurements and model assessments addressing plant species diversity
(2) progress on the development of biodiversity indicators (including the WGE initiative)
(3) progress and training session addressing (NFC-) specific issues on dynamic soil-vegetation modelling and call for data that was sent to you recently.
(4) Summary of integrated assessment applied to the Gothenburg protocol
(5) ICP M&M - workplan and other Task Force issues

The registration form includes information on the hotel accomodation, conference venue and transportation.

Please return the registration form to us if you would like to participate (e-mail see registration form) .


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