Not all RIVM research is commissioned by external clients. We also have our own budget for ‘strategic research’. This enables us to anticipate issues which will become topical in future, to safeguard the quality of our scientific expertise, and to take a full part in various international networks.

Chief Science Officers (CSOs)

RIVM delivers high-quality scientific knowledge and expertise to meet specific requests of national and international organisations dealing with complex issues in public health and the environment. We keep abreast of new developments and trends in science and society and use the expertise in our institute as effectively as possible in an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. By continually exchanging and integrating knowledge and experience, we monitor and improve the quality of our output. In this respect, our Chief Science Officers (CSOs) play a key role. Their expertise and our extensive international contacts make us well positioned to connect people and knowledge within and outside our organisation.

RIVM Strategic Programme ( SPR Strategic Programme RIVM (Strategic Programme RIVM))

The CSOs advise management on conducting research and are collectively responsible for RIVM's Strategic Programme (SPR) that covers all RIVM activities under our own budget in anticipation of future challenges and developments. In addition, SPR involves capacity building, innovation and sustainability. For this, we invest heavily in cooperation with partners in the international scientific community.

Every four years, RIVM selects four topics, known as the ‘spearheads’ to form the basis of its Strategic Programme. That programme is regularly adapted and updated to ensure that it continues to reflect both social and scientific trends.