The National Network of Safety and Security Analysts (ANV) is a knowledge network that, since 2011, conducts analysis in the framework of the National Safety and Security Strategy. It has been tasked to do so by the Ministry of Security and Justice on behalf of the National Steering Committee for National Safety and Security. The RIVM is both part of the core team and houses the secretariat of the Network.

National security covers a wide area and comprises many disciplines. In order to include the entire field of national security, it was therefore decided to establish a network structure (the ANV) that allows relevant knowledge institutes to jointly operate. The ANV has also been established to strengthen continuity, knowledge embedding and multidisciplinary approaches to analyses related to national security. In the past, these analyses were reported in the National Risk Assessment, but since 2016 they are presented in the National Risk Profile (NRP) and its underlying thematic reports. Additionally, the ANV performs deepening studies and conducts challenges (a means to allow experts to generate a set of scenarios in a short period of time, using input from broader brainstorm sessions).

The National Risk Profile

In 2007, the Cabinet established the National Safety and Security Strategy, which aims at strengthening national security via a joint, government-wide approach. The Strategy investigates which disasters, crises or threats can jeopardise our national security and what can be done about them. The National Risk Profile (NRP) is part of the National Safety and Security Strategy. The NRP provides periodically (four-yearly) an all-hazard overview of the most important risks with a possible destabilising effect on the Dutch society. Furthermore, the NRP describes technological, societal and international developments that could threaten national security and indicates how risks are expected to develop in the medium-/long-term.