The department coordinates the implementation of the National Immunisation Programme, neonatal screening, and screening of pregnant women.

We purchase vaccines, immunoglobulin, heel prick sets and public information materials, and manage the supply and distribution to those carrying out the programmes. We call up people to participate in these programmes, register individual data on the vaccinations and screening results, give advice in individual cases, refer people where needed, and monitor implementation. We also organise training of those implementing these programmes including doctors in baby/child health clinics and the heel prick teams.

In advising the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport, we contribute to policy development on prevention programmes. We report on the level of participation and vaccination in our programmes. In addition, we are responsible for the purchase and distribution of vaccines for the annual influenza immunisation campaign, and maintain special stocks of vaccines and serums  to be used in the event of individual or public calamities.

These programmes are carried out for the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport, and managed by the Centre for Communicable Diseases Control and by the Centre for Population Screening.

Head of department: J. (Joris) van Egmond.

Key expertise

  • Procurement of vaccines in European tendering
  • Vaccine market knowledge
  • Logistics under GxP guidelines
  • Coordination of implementation of prevention programmes
  • Data management of public prevention programmes
  • Regional presence and contact with the general public