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RIVM devotes considerable attention to ensuring that the online information it provides is user-friendly, accessible, structured effectively, and easy to find. Everyone should be able to easily find, use and view government sites.

As part of our efforts to facilitate easily accessible online information, RIVM applies the Harmonised European Standard EN 301 549 v2.1.2 (2018-08) The present document specifies the functional accessibility requirements applicable to ICT products and services, together with a description of the test procedures and evaluation methodology for each accessibility requirement in a form that is suitable for use in public procurement within Europe. 

Since 2011, RIVM has been audited annually by the Netherlands Accessibility Foundation and granted permission to feature that organisation’s ‘no-barrier’ certification on the RIVM website.

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In some cases, a PDF may not fully comply with the Web Guidelines. If you have any problems with a non-accessible document on our website, please contact us at webcommunicatie@rivm.nlMailto link. Make sure your e-mail specifies which document you’re having trouble accessing and let us know how to contact you. One of our editors will contact you within two working days to see how we can help you access the relevant parts of the document.