In order to come to a harmonised use of processing factors for the estimation of dietary intakes of pesticide residues found in enforcement and monitoring programmes, and by producers, a list of processing factors has been put together for priority substances as defined by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and the Dutch Productboard for Horticulture (Productschap Tuinbouw).

List of processing factors

Processing factors have been obtained from EFSA reviews, EFSA opinions, JMPR reports and JMPR evaluations. The overview of the processing factors is listed in an Excel spreadsheet on this site (Overview processing factors.xlsx (in zip-file)) and represents the situation of March 20, 2018, based on information on the Pesticide Web and the JMPR website. The rationale behind the current list of processing factors is presented in the document Rationale processing factors (in zip-file) on this site.

Differences between RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment and BfR processing list

The list that is made available on this site has been endorsed by the Ministries of VWS (1) and EL&I (1) in December 2011 as the current default in the Netherlands. Adaptations of this list will first be discussed in the pesticide residue consultation group (2). Upon agreement in this group, the changes will be implemented in the list. It is therefore pivotal to always use the latest version from the RIVM website.

This list differs from the BfR list of processing factors (as zip-file) for these substances previously made available by the German Bundesinstitüt für Risikobewertung (BfR) in Berlin for the following reasons:

  • The BfR list contains some processing factors based on residue definitions from JMPR assessments (Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues) which may differ from residue definitions used by EFSA.
  • The BfR list contains some processing factors derived from monitoring results whereas EFSA does not support the use of monitoring results to derive processing factors.
  • The BfR has derived the processing factors from the JMPR appraisals (conclusions) while in some cases more processing factors are available from the JMPR evaluation reports. (link to background information BfR list)
  • The BfR does not list processing data for edible portions mentioned in the JMPR reports.

(1) VWS: Public Health, Welfare and Sport; EL&I: Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation

(2) this group is formed by representatives from the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), the Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb), the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Dutch Productboard for Horticulture.