The fact sheets are documents presenting information important for the consistent and harmonized estimation and assessment of the exposure to substances from consumer products when using ConsExpo Web.

In the fact sheets, information about exposure to chemical substances is compiled per certain product categories and default parameters are given. Main product categories with similar products have been defined. On the one hand, the fact sheets are developed for characterizing and standardizing the exposure estimation in combination with the ConsExpo Web tool. On the other hand they are also useful for any exposure estimation without the use of the software and providing general background information.

The fact sheets provide general background information on exposure models. Furthermore, they describe various exposure scenarios for the specific products and set defaults for relevant exposure parameters. The default values are presented as deterministic values, but, if available, the statistical information is also provided if possible.

The following fact sheets have been developed and are currently used the ConsExpo model:

During the development of ConsExpo Web and the update of the Cleaning products Fact Sheet several overarching issues were discussed and implemented that are also of relevance for other product category fact sheets. As the update of all product category fact sheets may take several years, the information on the discussed topics is described in the document ‘Overarching issues – ConsExpo Web and fact sheets’.