ConsExpo is a modelling tool that can be used to estimate consumer exposure to a wide variety of products in a wide variety of circumstances. The ConsExpo tool has been made available as a web application, ConsExpo Web. This application succeeds ConsExpo 4, a stand-alone consumer exposure modelling software tool. ConsExpo Web version 1.0 was launched in October 2016. The current version is Version 1.0.5. This version is released in November 2018. User guidance can be found within the ConsExpo Web tool, by using the ? symbols.

More information can be found in the following documents:

ConsExpo Web. Consumer exposure models - model documentation

The report ‘ConsExpo Web. Consumer exposure models – model documentation. Update for ConsExpo Web 1.0.2.' provides user guidance and background information on the ConsExpo Web tool.

ConsExpo Web provides a number of generally applicable exposure models and a database of exposure factors for a broad set of consumer products. Together, the models and the database provide the tools needed to assess exposure for a wide range of consumer products. Only basic additional information on product composition and the physicochemical properties of the substance under assessment are needed. This report describes in detail how the ConsExpo Web tool is to be used to conduct consumer exposure assessments. It describes how to add multiple scenarios to an assessment, how to select models and how to specify model inputs. Different output measures and methods of evaluating and visualizing exposure are also discussed. A detailed description of the ConsExpo models is also provided. ConsExpo Web contains models to estimate exposure via inhalation, dermal contact and oral ingestion. The exposure models vary in complexity, from simple screening models to more advanced, physics-based models. Additionally, it is discussed how ConsExpo can be used to obtain insight into the factors affecting exposure to substances in consumer products by using the sensitivity analysis and probabilistic evaluation tools.

ConsExpo Web export to Chesar - manual

ConsExpo is a recommended tool for higher tier assessments for consumer exposure under REACH. ConsExpo is one of the most used exposure estimation tools for consumer assessment in REACH registration dossiers. Chesar is a software tool developed by ECHA to support registrants in generating chemical safety reports in an efficient way and associate exposure scenarios for communication (to be annexed to the Safety Data Sheet). This manual describes step-by-how to generate an export file (Chesar XML file) in ConsExpo Web and how to import this file in Chesar.

Emission of Chemical Substances from Solid Matrices: A method for consumer exposure assessment.’

A detailed description of the emission model can be found in the report ‘Emission of Chemical Substances from Solid Matrices: A method for consumer exposure assessment.’

Spray model

A specific model for the inhalation route of exposure is the spray model in ConsExpo Web.

The spray model is a higher tiered model within ConsExpo Web that describes the exposure to formed non-volatile aerosols. The spray model is an important model since the number of consumer spray products on the market is increasing. Key features of the spray model are the possibility to assume a cloud volume, inclusion of gravitational setting of aerosols, inclusion of particle size distributions and mass generation rates for a number of consumer spray products based on experiments, and the inclusion of oral exposure following spraying.

In 2010, new defaults have been derived for the spray model. These new defaults replace the older values, which are mentioned in the product category fact sheets published till 2007.

Overarching issues – ConsExpo Web and fact sheets

In the ConsExpo2015 project, the product category Fact Sheets, dated from 2006, will be updated coming years. During the development of ConsExpo Web and the update of the Cleaning Products Fact Sheet several overarching issues were coming up that are also of relevance for other product category Fact Sheets. This resulted in many discussions, for example on the mass transfer coefficient, dilution and the spray model.

The outcome of the discussions is already implemented in the update of the Cleaning Products Fact Sheet (January 2018, Erratum October 2018), and will be implemented in other updates of Fact Sheets as well. As the update of all product category Fact Sheets may take several years, we decided to share information on the discussed topics. To this aim the document ‘Overarching issues – ConsExpo Web and fact sheets’ is drafted. This document will be updated when necessary. Topics included so far are:

  1. Spray model and defaults for mass generation rate, spray duration (inhalation) and release duration (dermal)
  2. Mass transfer coefficient
  3. Dilution as parameter

Log of changes in ConsExpo Web

This table provides a log of the changes made in ConsExpo Web since the release of ConsExpo Web version 1.0 in October 2016.