The website 'Cost-effectiveness of preventative measures' contains a complete overview of economic evaluations of preventive interventions that have been published since 2005. These economic evaluations are classified according to the disease or condition the preventive intervention is aimed at, according to the ICD-10 International Classification of Diseases, tenth revision coding. 

On this website, preventive interventions entail all interventions aimed at preventing or detecting diseases and complications of diseases at the earliest possible stage. Interventions that are part of the regular care of treatment of diseases and disorders in the Netherlands are not included. The most important source of information is a search in Medline for economic evaluations of preventive interventions, carried out by the RIVM library. New scientific studies with a relevant title and abstract are added to the website every month.

The interface of the website is in Dutch, but the literature in the database is in English.

The 'Cost-effectiveness of preventative measures' database is available at