The percentage of vaccinated people with COVID-19 in hospital in the Netherlands is increasing. How is that possible? This video explains.


In this animated video the voice-over is supported with visualizations of the spoken text.

VOICE-OVER: "The percentage of vaccinated people with COVID-19 in hospital is increasing. How is that possible?

If you are fully vaccinated, you are much less likely to become infected with the coronavirus. If you do become infected, you will usually not become ill, or only have mild symptoms. COVID-19 vaccinations offer 95% protection against hospital admission.

It is very unlikely that you will end up in hospital after being vaccinated. Even so, the percentage of fully vaccinated people among people who are admitted to hospital with COVID-19 is rising. How is that possible?

As more people are vaccinated, vaccination coverage rises. This is the percentage of the total population that is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

A vaccination never offers 100% protection against hospital admissions. For example, in a small proportion of people, the vaccine does not work well, or works less effectively. This may be because they have other diseases or are using certain medicines. That is why, as vaccination coverage rises, the percentage of patients who are vaccinated also rises slightly.

Let's look at a group of 10,000 people to illustrate this. When no one was vaccinated, 200 of these people had to be admitted to hospital. With vaccination coverage at 10%, for every 10,000 people who had COVID-19, 181 were admitted to hospital. 1 of these people was fully vaccinated. With vaccination coverage at 50%, the number of hospital admissions dropped by almost half, falling from 200 to 105. Out of those 105 admissions, five people were fully vaccinated.

When 90% of the population is vaccinated, the number of hospital admissions falls from 200 to 29. Nine of those people have been fully vaccinated. As vaccination coverage rises, very few people have to be admitted to hospital, but the percentage of vaccinated patients is higher.
Vaccination is still the best way to prevent disease, the spread of the virus and hospital admissions."

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