The nutrient data in NEVO originate from several data sources.

NEVO data sources

Preferably, food composition data should come from chemical analyses by accredited laboratories. Quality criteria apply for food identification, sampling, and methods of analysis.
Other data sources include scientific publications, foreign food composition tables, the food industry, derived nutrients from comparable foods, calculations from recipes and estimations. Manufactures can supply nutritional information to the webapplication of  NethFIR (Netherlands Food Information Resource) Because of the generic character of NEVO the aim is to aggregate comparable foods to a more or less generic (branded) food. For some foods this is not possible, e.g. in case of fortified foods which are then published under their own brand name. See diagram below. For every nutrient value present in the database the source is known and presented by a reference code. These codes consist of a main reference code and a reference specification code.