Scientific staff with EMF-related expertise

  • Monique Beerlage: electrical engineering, public dialogue
  • Rik Bogers: epidemiology
  • John Bolte: physics, measurement, epidemiology
  • Liesbeth Claassen: risk communication
  • Irene van Kamp: epidemiology
  • Gert Kelfkens: physics, regulation
  • Mathieu Pruppers: physics, regulation, public dialogue
  • Kelly Rijs: epidemiology
  • Rianne Stam: biology, medicine, regulation
  • Daniëlle Timmermans: risk communication

General contact information

Electromagnetic Fields research group
Centre for Sustainability, Environment and Health (DMG)
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
P.O. Box 1, 3720 BA Bilthoven, the Netherlands