What is RIVM’s role?

In dealing with industrial and environmental safety, we need to be able to balance various risks. What are the risks associated with the use and transport of hazardous substances, the safety of installations and facilities, and the safety of new and rapidly emerging technologies? This concerns the risks that have been calculated as well as the perceived risks. RIVM carries out a great deal of research into these risks and their potential effects. Using this knowledge, RIVM provides advice and support to government bodies in meeting their responsibilities in the area of policy and implementation. RIVM also collaborates with other research institutes, industry, consultancy firms and universities, in the Netherlands and abroad.


RIVM was asked to provide advice to an environmental authority with regard to a permit application for the use of storage tanks for propane and butane. RIVM provided a second opinion, investigating the possible occurrence of domino effects that could pose a threat to emergency relief efforts.

RIVM collaborates within the framework of European consortia to exchange information in the area of industrial safety, environmental safety, and occupational safety. For example, RIVM is making a contribution to the EPHEDRA project in which information is being collected about hydrogen as an Emerging Risk Issue.

New technologies can potentially pose new risks; the risks associated with the introduction of liquid natural gas have been investigated within a consortium framework. The results of this research are being evaluated by RIVM to determine their consequences for the existing calculation methods and for existing legislation and regulations.