Essure is a medical device that induces permanent sterilisation in women. The treatment involves the placement of small metal coils in the fallopian tubes, to induce their closure. As a result, oocytes can no longer be transferred to the uterus. After around three months, fertilisation is no longer possible.

Some women with Essure coils have reported health complaints, such as pain, fatigue, heavy bleeding and memory loss. Essure sterilisation coils have not been on sale in the Netherlands since July 2017.

Studies by RIVM

RIVM has carried out two studies into Essure, in 2016 and 2023. In 2016, RIVM analysed the health complaints of women who had been sterilised using Essure coils. In 2023, RIVM reviewed available scientific literature and interviewed experts to find out whether the metals released by these coils could be harmful to someone’s health. Both studies were commissioned by the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate.

Dutch Reporting Centre for Adverse Effects of Medical Implants

If you are experiencing health complaints and believe that your implant may be causing them, you should make a report to the Dutch Reporting Centre for Adverse Effects of Medical Implants (MEBI). The sooner any issues are reported, the sooner MEBI will be aware of side effects of medical implants.